Exerscience Fitness LLC

In March of 2015 I was commissioned by Exerscience Fitness LLC, a startup exercise and fitness company. I was hired to help develop their branding, create and manage their front/back-end web presence, and design all materials for marketing.

Brand Specifications

I worked with the founder of the company and developed the specific color palette and decided the proper fonts to use for the brand.
Exerscience Style

Design Elements

I stayed close to the minimalistic approach for the overall style of the branding – with a few deviations. I used some light grunge textures to communicate a tough and bold feel (to embody the fitness and workout elements), but I kept all the text clean and san-serif to maintain a bit more antiseptic and scientific leaning.

The Logo

The basic logo is a single color, a dark teal blue. I was given a rough sketch to build the logo from.
Logo process

I added some embellishments of contrasting color gradations for the various marketing material to emphasize the logo. I added some subtle depth to the logo itself, and depending on the setting of the logo, I changed the color.
Logo variations
The examples above show the subtle grunge and photographic elements that went into the marketing materials.

Web Presence

The website follows suit, with a flat UI style and the same fonts.
Exerscifit Web