Perelandra Records

On September 4th, 2015, I relaunched my net label, Perelandra Records, with a serious re-branding and website redesign.

I wanted to have a distinct change from the previous brandings and website look, which seemed to me to communicate too much of a high-brow feel.

The Evolution of Perelandra’s Branding

When Perelandra Records launched in 2011, these were the initial brand colors and chosen typeset for the logo and promotional materials:

Old Perelandra Style

These colors and fonts were more reminiscent of the cover of a novel than an electronic net label. I wanted a more modern and accessible look that communicated a less intellectual, standoffish approach and spoke clearly to viewers and listeners that the kind of music and media we promote can be enjoyed by everyone, not just “electronic music nerds.”

This was the appearance of the website mid 2012, this was the look from our launch in 2011 until 2014.

Perelandra Records Website 2012

It wasn’t until 2014 that I refreshed the brand with a slight deviation. The website remained the same, for the most part, but the main logo changed – along with the font and color emphasis. I dropped the serifs from the logo’s font and went with a variation of Helvetica. For the website’s body text and titles I kept what had been there since 2011. So a full logo and website style guide for 2014 looked like so:

I was not entirely happy with the logo redesign and made some slight changes to the website to lessen the emphasis on the darker colors and try to fit it in a little better. I decided to change the tagline that used to just be a list of genres: “Electronic, Chip, Synth, Jazz, Blues, Rock.” Now the tagline would cycle through various descriptions of Perelandra Records, with less emphasis on specific genres and more of a general poetic description.

Perelandra Records Website 2014

Overall, this revamp in 2014 was not sufficient, in my mind. I knew I wanted to eventually do a full website redesign. After months of playing with new colors and logos, I finally arrived at a new style that I felt really represented the direction I wanted to take Perelandra Records.

Final Brand Refresh

In September of 2015 I finally implemented the latest refresh to the branding. I feel I’ve really arrived at a very accessible feel that fits perfectly with the music and media we promote. Instead of a sepia-like color palette, or darker dull colors (as with the first two style sets), I went for a high contrast approach, with minimal bright colors against a white backdrop. For the fonts, I went with a more unified tech-oriented typeset, with a square or slab serif version for the body text of the website.

Perelandra Style Guide

The newly designed website has a much more intuitive front page arrangement, with separate lists for the blogs and latest releases. Plus I’ve added a slide show that gives the home page some much needed eye-candy.

Perelandra Records Website 2015

New Logo

The biggest changes by far were the redesigned logos.

Here are the logos from 2011 to 2015:

Logo's Evolution

Whereas the first two logos have pre-made fonts, the new font for the latest logo is one I created in Adobe Illustrator. I really couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in terms of a striking font that said exactly what I wanted.

Video Promotion

Overall, I am pleased with how the new website and branding turned out. Here is an example of the new branding used in the context of a promotional video for the album Arrival by freezedream.