Tide – Perelandra Records

I was creative director, in charge of final mastering and arrangement of tracks, as well as a contributing musician on this collaborative music project. I composed, performed, mixed and mastered three songs featured on the album and coordinated with artists from around the world to compile their music.

I was in charge of the marketing and album design for the project as well. I also created the design for the liner notes eBook that is included with the album.

Design and Materials

I opted for a muted color palette, with an almost sepia quality. The font was chosen based on Perelandra Records’ brand specifications at the time.
Tide style

Album Cover

The font served well for the album’s aesthetic. As the cover’s focal point, the font communicated the refined style of Perelandra Records while keeping an air of modernity, alluding to the digital leanings of the album.


The highly textured backdrop was a 16-bit recoloring of churning waves. The drop in color and bit-depth points directly to the essence of Perelandra’s core aesthetic – old and new techniques mixing to make music.

Linear Notes eBook

The linear notes eBook followed the same style as the album cover.

The track list page of the eBook.

The track list page of the eBook.

An example of one of the song information pages.

An example of one of the song information pages.

The Album

Album Credits

Released on Perelandra Records [catalog # PER005]