“The Talking Warehouse” – Vocollect Voice

In May of 2009, Vocollect (a company that specializes in voice technology for warehouse operations) commissioned me to help design their informational eBook for international distribution. Some years after the publication of this eBook, Vocollect Voice was obtained by Honeywell and the elements (including style and diagrams) from this eBook were later used for various Honeywell e-publications promoting Vocollect Voice products and services.

My contract work for Vocollect lasted three years and 11 months. During the first year I moved from designing only the Spanish version of the eBook with the Miami branch of Vocollect, to being the lead designer of all language versions; directly working for Vocollect corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

Brand Specifications

Here is the specific color palette and font that was defined as fitting the Vocollect Voice brand. Notice the three dominant colors, and the secondary colors in the palette.
Vocollect Palette

Design Elements

Chapter 3 Elements
The design was balanced and framed using the three dominant colors (blue, grey, white.) This minimalistic color approach, along with the san-serif font “Eurostile,” communicated a sleek, tech-savvy feel. Each page and the elements within were spaced and differentiated with ample padding to add to the clean and balanced experience.

The hard-edged, rectangular elements were used for page number and section separators.

A stark contrast was drawn with soft, round-edged speech bubble motif; used for title, chapter titles, and block quote elements.

Multilingual Layouts

Vocollect Cover, English
The eBook was comprised of five chapters and an epilogue, and was to be published in NA English, UK English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. My task was to design a layout that could accommodate all these languages and still maintain a uniform look.

German Title Page
Vocollect Cover, German

French Title Page
Vocollect Cover, French

Japanese Title Page
Vocollect Cover, Japanese

Reworking Diagrams

Diagrams detailing processes within voice-enabled warehouses were provided to me for modification and rearrangement for the various languages. They necessitated a small extension in the color palette, but they followed a sleek (isometric and thick-lined) look to match the overall style.
Diagram 1

Diagram 2